Building and strengthening creative and collaborative leadership culture with organizations and communities to thrive.  We envision a world where everybody is a leader and people are engaged in the decisions affecting them, in a way that is meaningful and alive. 


 We support organizations to tap into their collective wisdom because true solutions and innovations lie in a multitude of leaders and viewpoints and in the convergence of our intelligences.  Our team of seasoned and creative facilitators, work with clients to host multi-stakeholder conversations and offer arts-based facilitation to stimulate innovative, collaborative and productive workplaces and communities.  Deep collaboration is a challenge, and so we offer coaching and facilitate trainings in diversity and inclusion.   We are mindful of the upcoming generation and work with young people and youth-serving organizations to develop transformative leadership programs. 

Principles that
Guide our Work:

Diversity & Inclusivity is Strength

In nature, the most thriving living systems have the most diversity.  This is because new relations open up new possibility. Diversity increases our chances of survival. New relationships create new capacities and the emergence of new ideas.  Each one of us holds a piece of the truth.  The more diverse the team, the more capacity there is for innovation.  When people are meaningfully included in all their diversity, everyone wins.

Together we're more brilliant than any of us are alone

Our range of creative expression increases as we join others.  We live in a world that is becoming increasingly complex and fragmented, where true solutions and innovations lie not in one leader or one viewpoint, but in the bigger picture of our collective intelligence.

We are all Creators

Creativity is the natural order of life.  Life is energy: pure creative energy.  We are all creative.  And like any skill, creativity flourishes when we practice it.   With the help of a few simple tools, any and all of us can be more creative in life and work. 

People only support solutions they are a part of creating. When people are meaningfully engaged in decision making which affects them, they take ownership and accountability of those solutions to another level.  When purpose is held at different points across the organization, the organization is stronger. 

Our Approach

All of our processes are cater designed to suit the unique needs of our clients.  We work with the leadership team to understand which tools and processes will best serve the organization’s needs, now.  We use a blend of tools from Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter, alongside diverse creative arts practices to strengthen collaborative and creative capacity towards achieving organizational purpose.