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Meeting design and facilitation

We’ve all found ourselves in meetings that have been inefficient.  We want to do great work together, but we sometimes don’t have the processes in place to enable our viewpoints to come together in a productive way.  Bloom cater designs and facilitates meetings to support people working together effectively and efficiently around organizational goals and purpose.

Multi-Stakeholder Engagement
Engaging stakeholders in meaningful ways can be fundamental to an organization’s relevance and ability to thrive.  When our decisions are informed by our stakeholders’ expert knowledge from the field, they are more wise and adapted to the constant change taking place.   Bloom designs and facilitates multi-stakeholder engagement so that organizational purpose can be shared across leadership, teams and community.

Rejuvenating Creativity, Sparking Innovation
When people are working at their highest creative potential, people are self-motivated, work is enjoyable, inspiring and productive.  Creativity is an essential resource for an organization to thrive, adapt, sustain and be resourcefully moving through complex challenges.  We offer creative processes to rejuvenate creativity in teams, sparking innovation and increasing the organization’s capacity to do what it does in a more dynamic way. 

Collaborative Visioning
At bloom we believe that together we are more brilliant than we are alone.  And when people’s ideas are seen, heard and incorporated, they feel valued and are more likely to share ownership over achieving those goals.  We design and facilitate collaborative creative processes to harness the collective creative wisdom in your organization. 

Team Building
Healthy team dynamics are at the centre of an organization’s capacity to work towards its shared purpose.  Building healthy relationships and trust supports people feeling good at work, able to share their ideas, and communicate tensions as they arise.  We design and facilitate team-building processes to support and strengthen collaboration, relationships and trust. 

Youth Leadership Development
Young leaders are skilled, capable and in a unique position to take on the challenges that are affecting their livelihoods, communities and the world at large.  We support young leaders to develop their skills in participatory leadership and arts-based engagement because today’s complex issues require a multitude of creative perspectives working together collaboratively.   We dive deep into uncovering what authentic leadership looks like for young people, how to stand in their power and use their gifts in service to the world. 

Curriculum Design
We cater design innovative youth programs and curriculums, to facilitate transformative learning on the personal, inter-personal and systemic levels.  Using a popular education approach, which centers the experiences of the youth, our toolkit spans across various artistic, experiential and dialogical practices to bring about deep learning.  We believe in the leadership power of youth and our programs seek to spark and strengthen that power in each one of us

Authentic Leadership Coaching/Theory U
Otto Scharmer, the founder of Theory U conducted studies with CEOs and found that the quality of their leadership had less to do with the kinds of tools and methodologies they used, and more to do with the quality of the inner state from which they are operating. 

We work with leaders to support their increased self-awareness because it has a direct impact on the quality of their work in the world.

Training in Diversity and Inclusion
Toronto is one of the most culturally rich and diverse cities in the world.  Diversity is strength and we believe that the success of any organization or community is contingent on how difference is harnessed in achieving common goals.  When people are included and valued for what they bring, the organization thrives.  We offer workshops to support organizations and communities to develop a culture that values, respects and benefits from uniqueness.