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Facilitating Creative Collaboration

2 ¼ Day Workshop

Friday Nov 29th - Sunday Dec 1st

In nature, the most thriving and sustainable ecosystems are the most ecologically diverse. Similarly, organizations that have the capacity to meaningfully harness and integrate a diversity of skills, knowledges, and perspectives are more resilient, wise and able to adapt to change. Given the complex challenges the entirety of the world faces today, from the climate crisis and diverse inequities, we need more creative facilitators who know how to harness collective wisdom, spark creativity and build trusting teams that can weather the storm to find solutions. Together we are stronger and wiser than we are alone.  

Righting Relations National Gathering, Pinawa, MB

Righting Relations National Gathering, Pinawa, MB

Facilitating Creative Collaboration is a 2 ¼ day hands-on workshop welcoming seasoned and emerging facilitators, organizational leaders, organizers, educators, trainers, artists, bridge-builders, healers and more. If you are a person who brings people together and wants to deepen your practice of facilitating collaboration, this workshop is for you. We invite you to step into the space of exploring what is the art of collaboration? What conditions support people’s full participation into collective processes and decision-making? How do we harness collective wisdom towards our organization’s most complex challenges? What processes support the meaningful inclusion of diverse perspectives, while recognizing inequities of power? How do we engage in bridge-building conversations across difference? What helps to spark the creative genius in us all?

How We Work 

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In this workshop we will build upon our capacity to:

  • Co-create a container of trust and safety to foster a culture of collaboration and transformative learning; 

  • Show up as our full selves, tap into the spectrum of our who we are, the wisdom we carry and bring that into our work;

  • Engage with a blend of principles and practices of transformative adult learning and participatory leadership that nurture both the political and spiritual aspects of community learning; 

  • Convene, design, facilitate and harvest generative collaboration, uplearning keys to hosting effective, engaging and inclusive meetings with multiple stakeholders;

  • Facilitate in a diversity of contexts, expanding our facilitation toolbox;

  • Engage in creative, artistic and embodied ways of knowing that expand our understanding of “knowledge” and “learning”; 

  • Hold space for complex conversations and work across difference;

  • Acknowledge the different forms of power and how they relate to collaboration and facilitation to work towards transparency and equity in the spaces we convene;

  • Better understand how to work effectively in diverse contexts that are rapidly changing, conflictual and unpredictable. 

Popular Theatre, Ignite Change Global Human Rights Conference, Edmonton, AB

Popular Theatre, Ignite Change Global Human Rights Conference, Edmonton, AB

*Friday Nov 29th Eve - Sunday Dec 1st
Day 1:
6:30 - 9pm
Day 2: 10am - 5pm
Day 3: 10am - 5pm

United Steelworker’s Hall
25 Cecil Street
This venue is wheelchair accessible

TBD for Friday evening 

Rehana Tejpar, Natalie Abdou, Moyo Mutamba and Brigid Tierney

Full Workshop Cost, Inclusive of Training Materials: $350 + HST
Registration deposit: $100
The remaining balance is due by Friday Nov. 15th, 2019. 

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